South Tyneside Homes - Edhill & Wark

Edhill Avenue, South Shields

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Wark Crescent, Jarrow

In June 2017, BCE Northern was awarded the contract to undertake works to two high quality, affordable housing developments on formerly disused sites in the South Tyneside area for over 55s through the South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust.

The purpose of the scheme was to redevelop the above two sites into HCA Affordable Homes and South Tyneside Council appointed BCE Northern to undertake the supply and installation of the Groundworks.

The Scope of Works included:
• Site Clearance
• Preparatory Groundworks
• Foundations
• Drainage
• Ground Floor Slab
• Gas Membranes/Barriers/DPCs
• Roads and Drainage

The Edhill site comprises of 2 bungalows to the rear of the plot and 2 apartments, which were constructed to comply with HCA Affordable Homes criteria, including, nationally described space standards, score of 14/20 Building for Life 12, Secured By Design, and NHBC including associated parking, road and landscaping.

The Wark Crescent site comprises of six new two-story ‘Tyneside’ apartments which are to be constructed to comply with HCA Affordable Homes criteria as above.
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