We are among the most established and renowned civil engineering contractors in the North East. Our expertise within this sector has seen us selected to carry out a variety of projects at locations throughout the region. Included within the BCE Northern Civil Engineering portfolio are work at Newcastle International Airport and the Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust.

South Tyneside Council – One Trinity Green

One Trinity Green is a modern development offering professional, managed workspace for new and growing companies, built as part of the regneration of the Laygate and Rekendyke area of South Shields.

BCE Northern were engaged as Principal Contractor to alleviate existing parking problems experienced at this location and the surrounding residential streets.

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QE Facilities NHS Trust

Over the last 15 years BCE has carried out various projects at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. The Hospital Estates Department is responsible for the infrastructure of a very busy expansive site with a constant flow of patients, visitors, emergency and non-emergency vehicles to the hospital.


Newcastle International Airport – Car Park 1, Block Parking, Express Canopy + Premium Canopy

Car Park 1 In November 2018, BCE Northern was employed by Newcastle International Airport Ltd to undertake works to modify the Short Term Car Park 1 size, entry and exits and the development of a premium parking area incorporating a new canopy and covered walk way. 

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GE Oils

BCE Northern Ltd has built up and maintained a close and collaborative working partnership with GE Oil & Gas, working alongside their onsite Engineers and Designers to deliver many varied Civil Engineering projects over a number of years. GE Oil & Gas is a global company with a multi-billion pound turnover which undertakes the manufacture of heavy duty undersea oil and gas pipelines and equipment and worldwide distribution

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South Tyneside Civil Engineering, Excavation and Drainage Framework 2014-Present

In September 2017 BCE Northern Ltd was re-appointed by South Tyneside Council to their Framework for Civil Engineering and Highway Works for both categories of Earthworks and Drainage. Having previously executed the existing Framework between January 2014 and February 2017 the Council set up a Framework under which it can procure Civil Engineering work for a period of two years.

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Durham County Council Framework for Civil Engineering Works 2014 – Present

In 2017, BCE Northern was reappointed as a framework partner on the Durham County Council Civil Engineering Framework for a further two years with the option to extend for an extra year following successful fulfilment of works and schemes on the existing framework over a number of years. Our Contract was renewed following an extensive pre-qualification and tendering process…

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